Adipurush Review-Motion Capture with Neutral Expression | Released on June 16, 2023

Adipurush Review-Motion Capture with Neutral Expression

Unveiling the Epic: “Adipurush” in the Spotlight

The forthcoming Ramayana film, “Adipurush,” has sparked immense anticipation, captivating the curiosity of countless individuals eager to witness Prabhas embody the revered role of Lord Ram. Consequently, the film has surged in popularity over the past few weeks, generating substantial buzz and excitement.

Film:                                                     Adipurush
Director:                                               Om Raut
Release Date:                                       June 16, 2023
Producers:                                            Bhushan Kumar, Om Raut, Rajesh Nair, Prasad Sutar
Production Banner:                              UV Creations, T-Series
Cast:                                                     Prabhas, Saif Ali Khan, Kriti Sanon, Devdatta Nage, Sunny Singh, Vatsal Seth, Sonal Chauhan, Trupti Toradmal, and others
Director of Photography:                     Karthik Palani
Music:                                                  Ajay-Atul
Editors:                                                Apurva Motiwale Sahai, Ashish Mhatre
Rating:                                                 2.5/5

Now, let us delve into a comprehensive assessment of its merits and demerits.


Raghava (portrayed by Prabhas), Janaki (played by Kriti Sanon), and Laxman (enacted by Sunny Singh) find themselves in exile, residing within the depths of a forest. When Lakshman severs Soorpanaka’s nose, her brother Ravana (depicted by Saif Ali Khan) retaliates by abducting Sita and transporting her to Lanka.

Raghava, aided by the mighty Hanuman (brought to life by Devadatta), embarks on a vengeful war against Ravana, enlisting the support of the Vanara Sena.

Adipurush Review-Motion Capture with Neutral Expression
Adipurush Review-Motion Capture with Neutral Expression
Performances of the Cast:

Prabhas shines brilliantly in his portrayal of Raghava, alias Lord Ram. His towering and authoritative presence impeccably befits the character, while director Om Raut skillfully presents Lord Rama as a warrior prince, emphasizing his more ferocious attributes, making Prabhas an impeccable choice for the role.

Kriti Sanon delivers a commendable performance as Janaki, despite her limited screen time. She skillfully fulfills her role, leaving a noteworthy impression.

Saif Ali Khan initially captures the essence of Raavana convincingly. However, as the narrative unfolds, the character’s portrayal tends to lean towards that of a superhero rather than embodying the traditional essence of Raavana.

Devadatta Nage emerges as a standout performer in the role of Hanuman, delivering a stellar depiction that impeccably aligns with the character’s persona.

Sonal Chauhan makes a captivating cameo appearance as Ravana’s wife, Mandodari, while Trupti Toradmal’s portrayal of Soorpanaka proves to be satisfactory.

As the credits roll, “Adipurush” stands poised to captivate audiences with its grandeur and mythological essence, weaving together a timeless tale of valor and righteousness.

Technological Brilliance:

Ajay-Atul’s remarkable compositions in “Adipurush” serve as a cornerstone of the film’s prowess, elevating its impact to new heights. The skillful integration of the song “Jai Shri Ram” within the background score intensifies the dramatic essence of numerous scenes.

Undoubtedly, the music department emerges as the crown jewel of this epic saga. However, while the film excels in musical brilliance, the visual effects and 3D elements leave something to be desired. In certain instances, the backgrounds and other objects appear peculiar, failing to seamlessly blend with the overall aesthetic. Regrettably, the visual effects employed during the war sequences in the latter half prove to be particularly underwhelming.

Adipurush Review-Motion Capture with Neutral Expression
Adipurush Review-Motion Capture with Neutral Expression

Despite these setbacks, “Adipurush” manages to captivate audiences with its melodic triumphs while simultaneously providing a feast for the eyes through its cinematic grandeur.

Critical Evaluation:

Ramayana, being a widely recognized epic, has been portrayed in various forms throughout history. Om Raut, however, sought to bring this tale to life on the silver screen, employing modern technology and star-studded faces. While the endeavor succeeded to a significant extent, the flaws stemming from the implementation of CGI were not entirely rectified. The 2D visual effects and CG work leave much to be desired, while their execution in 3D is commendable.

The initial half of “Adipurush” proves to be engaging, offering ample drama and a compelling narrative. A respectable depiction of the Ramayana story manages to captivate the audience.

Nevertheless, the latter half of the film predominantly revolves around battle and confrontation episodes, which become excessively reliant on graphic effects. From Raghava and his army’s assault on Ravana’s Lanka until the climactic end, the extended battle sequence feels protracted. The film transitions into an over-the-top action spectacle with an abundance of VFX embellishments.

The background music comes to the rescue, preventing “Adipurush” from descending solely due to its average visual effects. However, the film’s predominantly dark ambiance becomes somewhat excessive. While it may serve as a symbolic color representation for the Ravana and Lanka theme, it tends to be overdone.

The characterization of Ravana may appear slightly peculiar to traditional fans of Ramayana. His fortress in Lanka, his attire, and even his weaponry seem heavily influenced by the tropes found in superhero movies. The creators’ intention might be to make the villain appear trendy, captivating the younger generation that resonating more with contemporary characterizations and themes. Notably, Ravana’s ten heads engaging in internal dialogue before making decisions adds an interesting touch.

In summary, “Adipurush” begins as a drama-driven rendition of a classic tale, but gradually transforms into a lengthy action extravaganza during the latter half. It may appeal to children and families seeking a modern interpretation of a Hindu mythological story. Considering its widespread release and significant screenings across India, it remains to be seen how audiences will receive it. If inclined to watch, it is advisable to opt for a cinematic experience on a large screen, preferably in 3D.


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